even when the sky is dark, please remember the stars in your eyes

I'd just like to sincerely say thank you to everyone that has followed me on this blog - whether you were following me when I blogged mainly about SHINee or if you just followed me today. I've said it before and I'll say it again - I wish I was still able to message each and everyone of you as you followed, as I did at the beginning - but I know that I have been blessed enough to have talked to those that I have.
I have talked to mutuals about why I've been wanting to do this and I just feel disconnected from this url and this blog. Kris will still forever be my "duizhang" but I am very excited about changing my blog style and transferring to a new blog - which you can ask for the url. I don't have the link up right now.

either way maybe we will cross paths again and I hope that experience is even better than the first. goodbye for now.
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